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Product Update

Product Update - 28 November 2018

We’ve improved the workflow for creating Projects and Analyses, many requested changes are now live! We’ve also updated the home screen that shows

November 29, 2018

Customer Experience

The happiness ingredient missing from your north star metric

Recently, especially in the startup world, everyone has been talking about developing their own North Star Metric (NSM). A powerful concept designed

November 14, 2018

Analyst Insights Product Update

Product Update - 7 November 2018

This update introduces a brand new data visualization for the Dashboard, and a handy new feature in the form of Concept group queries.

November 07, 2018

Voice of Customer Text Analytics

What does customer happiness even look like?

Everywhere we turn,  its seems like many businesses have no idea what a happy customer looks like. Sure, most people understand what makes a

October 23, 2018

Customer Experience

How to discover your organization's North Star Metric

Growing a business, let alone running one, is a daunting task. It’s a complex ballet made up of a variety of moving parts, all of them competing for

October 05, 2018

Product Update

Product Update - 12 September 2018

A minor update was released which included a handful of usability improvements and new statistics available on the Dashboard, including Impact.

September 12, 2018

Text Analytics

4 key requirements for an effective text analytics solutions

Following on from our recent blog on 5 questions to consider before purchasing a text analytics solution, we’re covering another topic that we are

August 29, 2018

Case Studies Analyst Insights

Analyzing with Kapiche: Australian ISP Customer Reviews

With the new features now live, I thought it’d be interesting to use Kapiche to analyze customer review data for Skymesh, an Australian ISP that

August 23, 2018