Voice of Customer Analyst Insights

What metrics do CX leaders measure to keep on track? (feat. Hubspot, Biteable and more)

Many companies feel like they don’t have enough data to support their company’s investment in customer experience. In fact, by 2020, Gartner predicts

December 11, 2019

Voice of Customer Customer-Centric Culture

What’s the deal with CX reports? How seeing them will benefit every team!

It used to be that customer experience was a separate entity from the rest of the company— customer success and support were the main arbiters of

November 15, 2019

Customer Feedback Voice of Customer

7 top tools for sending surveys (and why you might not need a full turnkey system to understand customer feedback)

Farmers working at a farmer’s market have a tough job. But they are also lucky – they get to talk to their customers every week. They hear about how

October 31, 2019

Unstructured Data Customer Experience

How to break down data silos and boost your CX program

With the proliferation of new tools and technologies, businesses are collecting, generating and storing data on more platforms than ever. Between

October 18, 2019

Voice of Customer Analyst Insights Customer Experience

What is an actionable insight?

Chances are high that your company is already doing a pretty good job of collecting data - gathering customer feedback through CSAT and NPS surveys,

October 04, 2019

Customer Feedback Text Analytics Machine Learning

Why you need to analyze your customer feedback data

Very few management executives need to be convinced of the value of customer feedback. At a time when customers have a multiplicity of choices

September 16, 2019

Customer-Centric Culture

Speak the language: How CX leaders can get the ears of the C-suite

In order for CX teams to achieve their maximum potential, they need access to various resources, both financial and strategic. While some of these

July 30, 2019

Customer Experience

From the tower to the trenches: Closing the gap between C-suite and customer

Regardless of how big a corporation grows, it’s important to have the mindset that the main goal is to serve customers. Just take a company like

June 24, 2019