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What is an actionable insight?


October 04, 2019

Chances are high that your company is already doing a pretty good job of collecting data - gathering customer feedback through CSAT and NPS surveys,

Voice of Customer Text Analytics

What does customer happiness even look like?

Everywhere we turn,  its seems like many businesses have no idea what a happy customer looks like. Sure, most people understand what makes a

October 23, 2018

Voice of Customer NPS

4 ways to improve your Net Promoter Score (NPS)

When you first benchmark your business against industry standards, the results can sometimes be disheartening. If your NPS is lower than expected, it

May 24, 2018

Voice of Customer NPS Customer Experience

NPS Surveys: Stop asking “What” and ask “Why”

Ever since Frederick F. Reichheld (the creator of NPS) published his article on NPS in “The One Number You Need to Grow” in the Harvard Business

March 27, 2018

Voice of Customer Customer Experience

Scaling customer empathy with VoC analytics

In today’s business landscape, businesses are more focused than ever on differentiating themselves from the competition by focusing on providing a

March 06, 2018

Customer Feedback Voice of Customer Machine Learning

The Kapiche Journey

Recently I was faced with a pretty familiar situation. I wanted to change my home internet plan. How hard could it be? I have battle scars from

February 01, 2018