In our latest release we’ve expanded the quadrant chart with a range of extra capabilities that will provide you with a whole new level of insights!

What’s changed?

When viewing the quadrant chart you’ll notice a new ‘Display’ menu.



This menu allows you to change the quadrant chart’s x-axis to reposition your queries, or other data you have selected. Within it you can find up to three different sub-menus, depending on the fields available in your data:

  • Numerical Fields - View queries by their average for any numerical field in your data.
  • NPS - View by overall NPS scores or by the frequency of a particular NPS category.
  • Sentiment - View by frequency of a particular sentiment type.

How can it help me find new insights?

We’ll run through some examples starting with the NPS ‘Detractors’ option.


When selecting detractors, the quadrant will be re-organized, with the x-axis now representing percentage of detractors for each query. The overall line also changes to show the total percentage of detractors across all data on the dashboard.



This view allows you to go beyond the overall NPS for your queries and quickly gauge which queries are driving your detractors. This is a great way to focus on your customers' biggest pain points. You could also select promoters for a view of your customers' value drivers.

You can use sentiment types in a similar fashion, understanding what drives positive and negative commentary from your customers, with the mixed category highlighting the most polarizing issues.

Next, let’s take a look at “Avg. Spend” to illustrate numerical fields.



When selecting a numerical field, the x-axis will change to represent the average value for each query. In this example we are looking at grocery store spend data so the x position of each point will correspond to the average spend across all records that match the query. The overall line also changes to show the average spend across all data on the dashboard.


In this example we can immediately see that customers who match the highest spend category are talking about Customer Service and the Quality / Freshness of their produce more than those with lower spend categories. This could indicate higher expectations for those who pay more. You could select any other numerical field, such as number of past purchases, satisfaction score, etc. The possibilities really are endless! 🎉

Other Changes

Access more of your data with enhanced queries

Previously you could only query for fields with 35 or less segments. This limitation was originally in place for performance reasons but we’ve made adjustment that will allow you to:

  • Query for numerical fields with any number of segments; Now you can manually enter a numerical value using operators like “is greater than” and “is less than”. We’ve also added a new operator for numerical fields - “is in the range”.



  • Query for categorical fields with thousands (or more) segments. The basic functionality hasn’t changed here; you’ll still see a dropdown with all of the available segments.



All new analyses will have these capabilities, but older analyses will need to be rerun in order to utilise them. We’ve added a checkbox to the analysis settings screen that will allow you to rerun the analysis. Simply tick the checkbox and hit rerun.



Expanded view for segmentation chart

The segmentation chart can now be opened in an expanded view using the ‘frame’ button in the top right corner of the widget.




This new function provides you with a more focused view of the segmentation chart and is available on both the Dashboard Overview and Dashboard Query screens.





We’ll be adding new capabilities to this expanded view in the future. In particular, we’ll be making changes so it’s possible to examine fields with large numbers of segments.

Updated home screen for viewer users

The viewer user home screen now shows a list of dashboards that the viewer has access to. The links are labelled as Project Name - Analysis Name.



That's it for this product update. We’ll have some big improvements coming to the saved queries widget on the dashboard soon! In the meantime, if you have any thoughts or feedback of your own that you'd like to share with us, we'd love to hear from you!