This is the final part in our three part series detailing the major updates we have been/will be releasing to Kapiche during June and July. We’ve covered the move from topics to concepts in Part One and an overview of the new features in Part Two. In this final update, we’ll run you through two highly requested and anticipated features: Dashboards & Advanced Queries. We expect these features to be finalised and ready for release by the end of this month and can't wait for you to test them out! 




For a while now, we've been getting a common piece of feedback from our customers: they love the power and ease of use of our product, but reporting out insights isn't great. Yes, all our visualisations can be exported and downloaded. However, they are usually a static representation of some data at a point in time (they don't update), and they can be difficult to understand in isolation without context. Our customers want a better reporting solution.

Enter Dashboards: designed to give analysts a way to share their insights quickly and easily with others. A Kapiche Dashboard has a fixed layout that can be populated with data (in the form of queries) as chosen by you, the analyst, based on what is most important to your business. For example, a clothing store might be interested in seeing the opinions of customers on a sizing, staff & service, or prices. An analyst can create queries that match each of these three areas, add them to the Dashboard, and share the Dashboard with relevant people in their organisation. This feature prevents a siloed approach to customer experience and enables all parts of your business to be involved in CX improvement.

Even more exciting: these Dashboards are live! When the underlying data for a Dashboard is updated (when you get more NPS survey responses for example), the Dashboard will also update.



If you’ve used Kapiche before, you’ll notice some familiar components on the Dashboard and a couple of new ones too. All components on the Dashboard are there to help monitor and track key insights all in one place.

Quick and easy sharing is a key functionality of the new dashboard. Access to Dashboards is via a new viewer user type. Viewer users can only see Dashboards (not the rest of the product), and only those Dashboards you've given them access to. Sharing information throughout your company can now be done in seconds!




Based on customer feedback, we are sure our first version of Dashboards will provide much needed value and flexibility. There’s plenty of ideas we have to make Dashboards even better (Dashboard filters, public Dashboards, and a new Quadrant visualisation to name but a few), but as always we’ll look to our customers for feedback and suggestions after using them.




Advanced Queries

We are super excited for you to use this feature, and see all of the things you can do with it! Advanced Queries are both extremely powerful and easy to use - a winning combination in our books.

With Advanced Queries, you can search for almost anything in your data. When we say anything, we mean anything. As an example of how overboard you can go with this new power: you can combine several query lines in a few clicks and come up with a ridiculously specific search that looks like this:




Whilst you may not want to get that granular, you see the point we’re trying to make here, and the best part is that it’s easy to use. We’ve designed an intuitive query interface that lets you build complex queries in seconds.

With the power to build any queries you want, saved queries is now a more prominent feature. Not only this, but Saved Queries are what will populate the Dashboard.





Dashboards give you the ability to gather and share your insights. Advanced Queries give you flexibility and power over your data. Using these features in combination means you can use Kapiche to help define the framework for reporting out feedback analysis to the rest of the organisation, tweak that framework until your heart is content, and share it with the people that need to know!

Stay tuned for this release, coming to you by July 31! We'll be hosting a webinar on these advanced text analytics tools and how to get the most out pf them for your CX or VoC program - click below to check out the details.