This is Part Two in our three part series detailing the major updates we are releasing to Kapiche over the next couple of weeks. Part One covered the move from topics to concepts and Part Three will discuss two exciting new features...Dashboards and Advanced Query! In this update, we will give an overview of the major feature changes and the benefits they bring for you.

New Sidebar

What is it: The sidebar of the product has been completely redesigned. The menu items have been streamlined and additional important information about your account has been added, as well as being more visually appealing.

What does it mean for users? The sidebar is now the place to find all important information. This should significantly improve navigation around the product. This is one of the first initiatives of a recent focus on customer success by Kapiche.




New Summary Screen

What is it: When you open an analysis, you will be presented with a new summary screen. The information on this screen is brief and concise, designed to give you a quick health check of your analysis.

What does it mean for users? This screen will represent a slight change to your workflow. When you open an analysis, pay attention to the stats you see here. If you notice that data coverage has dropped below 75% or the amount of new data is above 25%, it might be time to create a new analysis with your most recent data to check you haven’t missed anything.

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Overhaul of the Storyboard

What is it: In Part One, we covered the move to concepts. One of the biggest UI impacts of this change is in the storyboard. There are now two new sliders to control the number of concepts being displayed (from least to most frequent) and the number of color groups (which can be thought of as topics or themes depending on the granularity you choose). The colors do not affect concepts (each concept is always an individual point that you can query for), the colors are purely cosmetic and grouped semantically. We’ve updated the colors to be a lot more palatable, and less confusing when viewing them throughout the app.

What does this mean for users? The storyboard now affords a lot more control to users, much easier to understand and a lot more visually appealing. This visualisation is intended to be a tool to assist analysts to understand the narrative of their unstructured data and a gateway to building a framework to report on this understanding to the rest of the business. These changes are designed to help you reach that understanding and desired framework much quicker.


New Query Screen

What is it: We have consolidated 4 screens (View Topic, View Term, View Segment, and Compare Segments) with one: the new Query screen. There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, we got feedback from our customers that the current UX of the platform was confusing. Secondly, we wanted to add the power to save queries so that you could refer back to them later. Having this functionality available across 4 different screens rather 1 one would of complicated things even more!

What does it mean for users? In part 1, we talked about the ability to join GPS and Sat Nav and call it Location Services. Query is the screen you can do that from. It lets you query for any combination of concepts, terms, or segments, and save the query so you can refer back to it later. This will be the basis for setting up your own reporting framework to share with the rest of the business in a future update (keep an eye out for the post coming soon on Dashboards and Advanced Queries in Part 3). But for now, you can save the query for anything that’s important to your business so that you can continuously monitor it in the future.

New Text Excerpts

What is it: The Text Excerpts are one of our most used components, so we’ve made some improvements based on feedback from our customers. We’ve improved the highlighting functionality, increased the font size, and adjusted the button layout slightly.

What does it mean for users? Browsing excerpts should be a better overall experience; highlighted concepts and terms should be much easier to see, there’s less visual noise (no more numerous coloured dots everywhere), and viewing the structured data information for each excerpt is enhanced.

new-excerpts (1)

Other Minor Updates

As with every release, there is a number of other small tweaks and fixes we’ve made to improve the experience using the product. We’ve made a number of styling changes, we’ve updated all of our tooltips, and also updated our support documentation. We’ve also (perhaps temporarily) retired our timeline screen which was looking a little dated.

We’ve had a bunch of early feedback on the new release from our customers that has us really excited and we can’t wait to hear what everyone else thinks of the update! Let us know what you think in the comments section below.