Welcome to our Meet the Team series! Below, Mark Boyes (Account Executive), shares his thoughts on his first few months starting a role in another country, amidst a global pandemic…in a brand new industry.


First up, for those who aren’t familiar, what is Kapiche?

Kapiche is a customer intelligence platform for companies that need to make sense over large volumes of unstructured, open ended customer feedback data. Companies which survey their customers and want to uncover actionable insights benefit from Kapiche’s unique natural language processing (NLP) engine. It’s this NLP technology which is the secret sauce behind some big name brands such as Toyota, Nissan, Schindler, COX, Kmart and NIB coming onboard as customers.

Organisations are collecting enormous amounts of customer feedback, but current solutions for actioning this data are expensive and slow to produce results. Kapiche is an AI-powered text analytics solution to solve this problem.

Using NLP and an unsupervised machine learning approach to understand customer feedback at scale, Kapiche provides an extremely economical solution to uncover deep insights in customer data — fast. Our software enables our customers to make the most impactful decisions with the deepest insights for their business, whilst reducing cost and time to results by 100x (minutes not weeks).

"You know its good, really good when one of your competitors speaks to you and admits they can’t compete with you…"

Why did you take the role at Kapiche?

The attraction of being able to make an instant impact on an early-stage start-up in a brand new industry, that was it for me. After 5 years in tech mobility start-ups in London, the promise of Kapiche having something completely different and totally unique was as alluring as it was daunting. I can safely say though that this promise has been fulfilled in abundance! Each person here has the autonomy to create and implement their own processes and from a sales lens that’s complete trust in what was on offer: total ownership in a full 360 sense. It was clear throughout the rigorous interview process that there was a huge opportunity to add value in so many ways, a few of these being:

  1. Financially — such a tangible impact to the top line you can almost taste it.
  2. Structurally — create your own processes, try them, have the confidence to fail and then make them better, not only benefiting yourself but the company too.
  3. Culturally — being a small team, the opportunity to instantly connect with the very diverse and incredibly talented group of people at Kapiche.

The chance to stamp your authority with such a huge responsibility isn’t for everyone but damn is it immeasurably gratifying, (only 90 days in) especially if you jump in with two feet and take that risk head-on.

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What has surprised you about the Kapiche product?

Honestly? How bloody powerful it is. There’s an analogy in the sales world about having the person you’re speaking to on a hook and reeling them in. Well, Kapiche does this every single time. It’s a strange situation to be in after 5 years of red ocean battling (Google it, I didn’t know what this before either) to then be told: “just get them on the call and let the product do its thing”. We have a product fit in this industry that is so uniquely and purposely honed to the needs of the CX and insights teams, that it’s proven almost impossible to turn down (apart from Covid budget cuts). You know its good, really good, when one of your competitors speaks to you and admits they can’t compete with you…

And the GTM (Go-To-Market) team?

It’s a small team: myself and two others (another in sales, one in marketing) but #startuplife. 🚀 Whether you have three or 30 it doesn’t matter at the core; you have a shared goal, a shared vision and critically a shared passion for the mission and not just hitting targets but overachieving them, day-in day-out. Yes, its exhausting but so is spending 5 years creating Kapiche with your mate to get it ready for market domination (and of course constantly evolving the product along the way). The hard part has been done for the GTM team, so now its the fun part; getting Kapiche into the hands of as many people as possible and giving them back the time they didn’t even know existed before Kapiche came along.

Lessons I have learnt (so far)

After 90 short/long days… The hard sell is not welcome. Kapiche doesn’t need you to do that. Adapt, Solution Sell and leverage Kapiche’s powers to perfectly suit the prospect’s requirements (like never before).

Be confident to speak your mind internally and know that someone will challenge you on the ‘why’, but in the same breath, instantly commend you for your creativity and thinking.

I have a saying that Persistence Is Everything and it couldn’t be more important here at such an early stage with a relatively unknown brand name. After 2.5 months of chasing a company and getting them on a demo, they leaned so close to the screen in amazement that they apologised for being too captivated by Kapiche’s (basic) analysis! That was 2 minutes in (ironically the same amount of time it took Kapiche to create that visualisation which would have taken a human days of manual coding and heavy lifting #AI for the win).


What are you most excited about in the coming months?

We’ve just come off the back of what can unanimously be labelled as the most challenging months in recent history and…. we hit our Q2 target and then again, hit our Q3 target. This speaks volumes for not only the tenacity of the team in achieving this but also for how overwhelmingly positive the future is for Kapiche. The bigger the targets, the bigger the motivation and inevitably the bigger the sales team that we can be a part of. If we can successfully grow in a global recession I can’t wait to see what we can do once we come out of it. From humble beginnings…


🙋‍ We are looking for others like Mark to join him on the GTM Team… Check out our open roles and apply today.

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