Qualtrics integration is finally here! This update also brings a couple of bug fixes and new stopword lists for Spanish and Indonesian. We hope this helps improve the workflow of our customers who use Qualtrics as a data source.

Qualtrics integration

Qualtrics integration

  • You can now use your Qualtrics API token and Datacenter ID to import survey data directly into Kapiche
  • Integration setup has to be completed by a site administrator, but once the details are confirmed, anyone can use the integration to create a new project
  • Your integration details can be changed at any time from the “Settings” menu in the top right, under the integrations tab

Qualtrics integration2

  • Right now, only survey import functionality is supported — we are actively looking for user feedback to implement update functionality. If you are using the integration feature, let us know!

New Stopword Lists

  • Spanish and Indonesian stopword lists are now supported. These can be found in the usual location under “Advanced Settings” when you create an analysis or the “Settings” located on the sidebar when you are in an analysis.



  • Improved handling of the way very long project names are displayed
  • Various visual bug fixes around displaying data on schema tables
  • Visualization and interactivity edge cases for a number of charts