This update features an improved text excerpts panel, storyboard layout improvements, and normalized timeline trend view.

Improved Text Excerpts

The text excerpts panel has been upgraded with various improvements:

  • Toggle highlighting: Highlighting is now done by clicking the coloured Topic circles on and off (instead of hovering). You can have multiple Topics highlighted at once, and highlighting one excerpt will highlight the rest.
  • Automatic topic highlighting: The appropriate topics (and in the near future, Terms as well) are now automatically highlighted.
  • Truncated long excerpts: Excerpts more than a set length are now truncated and can be expanded by clicking “Show full excerpt”.
  • New lines maintained: Any line breaks that were in the original data source are now kept and displayed properly.
The new Text Excerpts panel.

Storyboard Layout Improvements

We have made changes to how the storyboard is layed out for smaller datasets: this gives more easily interpretable results in cases where you don’t have many rows of data to analyse.

A side-by-side of the old and new storyboard on small datasets.

Timeline Trend Normalization

The timeline trend component has split into two views: Normalized and Raw.

  • In the Normalized view, the graph line is relative to the total number of occurrences at each point. This allows you to see the Topic frequency in proportion to other Topics at each point in time.
  • Raw shows the graph line as an indicator of the absolute frequency, and shows the the raw frequency number. 

Analysis Date Range Filtering

You can now specify a date range to run an Analysis on (if your Project’s data includes date fields).

  • Choosing a date range means any data that lies outside the range will not be included in the Analysis (even when updating the Analysis with new data).
  • “All time” will use all data up to the first or last date (depending on which field you set to All time).

Final Notes

Huge thanks to the feedback from our customers. Your input is what drives Kapiche forward! Don’t hesitate to contact us or email me directly at if you have questions, suggestions, or would just like to learn more about Kapiche.

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