This update introduces a brand new data visualization for the Dashboard, and a handy new feature in the form of Concept group queries.

NPS Quadrant for Dashboards

What is it? In order to better visualize how each of the Dashboard queries are performing in terms of NPS, we've introduced a quadrant chart with each query plotted along with a baseline/overall NPS line.

What does it mean for you? It's now much easier to focus specifically on what is driving low satisfaction and high satisfaction using this new visualisation. See what's affecting NPS at a glance. 



Concept Groups

What is it? Concepts that are in the same color grouping can now be easily queried for together. You can either click the group area on the Storyboard, or select it from the Concept Groups tab in the query dropdown.

What does it mean for you? Querying for groups of related concepts is now just a click away, allowing you to focus down on specific contexts much quicker.



Bug Fixes

This update has a large number of bug fixes. Here are some of the more important ones you may have encountered:

  • The query operators "does not include", "is at least", and "is not" now work properly
  • Having more than 10 saved queries now correctly shows all queries in the dropdown & dashboard query selector.
  • The filters dropdown on Dashboards should no longer appear horizontally.
  • Insufficient data when running an analysis will now show the appropriate descriptive error
  • Project dropdown now correctly displays recently created Projects
  • The sentiment bar on Sentiment Segments & Concepts not being clickable is now fixed
  • Triple-clicking a text excerpt no longer selects the "COPY SHOW INFO" labels.

What's to come

The next major release will likely be Compare Queries (a Query-based version of the old Compare Segments). We are working hard on this as it is a very complex feature, but we know from our customers that it's highly desired! We're passionate about having a strong relationship with our users, feel free to contact us any time with suggestions or feedback.