This update brings multi-segment filtering, a handful of improvements, and the beginnings of some exciting new features around NPS-specific data.

View & Compare Segments

  • Multiple Segments can now be used in a single query!
  • Any time you select two segments of a single variable, it will result in an OR of those segments. In other words, if you search for {Gender: Male}{Gender: Female} it will show results which had either of those values (i.e. an OR function). This is different to searching {Gender: Male}{NPS: 10}, which would only show results that include both of those segments together (i.e. an AND function).
  • Compare Segments now has a combined Topic Comparison chart with correlation/frequency view toggle.
Comparing differences between your Segment queries is easier now.
  • Segment screens now have an improved Segment Comparison chart, which is now filtered by a single Segment. You can still see the old “Top Overall” segment comparison in the filter dropdown.
  • Compare Segments now has a fixed query bar, and will always be visible while scrolling.
You can now always see the queries you’re comparing on the Compare Segments screen.


  • Analysis status messages while it’s being processed in the Project Overview screen are more meaningful.
  • To create a new Project, you now need at least one text field selected and enough text data to form a useful analysis model.
  • There is now an NPS field type:
NPS field type on the Schema screen.
  • NPS fields will be used in a later update to automatically create Promoter, Detractor, and Passive Segments for easier queries (and other cool things!). In the meantime, we automatically calculate the values and show them in the Analysis Settings. This NPS panel will be making its grand appearance on the new Summary screen and View Segment screen in the future!
If you upload data with the NPS field type, you’ll get the NPS Summary in the Analysis Details screen.

Data Visualisations & Charts

  • Gridlines are slightly darker to improve visibility.

Analysis Settings

  • French stopword list is now available.

Final Notes

Thank you to all our testers for the feedback & time given. There are still many more features and improvements we’re working on, so stay tuned!