We have a couple features that landed recently. The first is support for Amazon S3 data integrations, allowing streamlined workflows with Kapiche if you use S3 buckets to store your data. The second is a big improvement to the timelines on the dashboard, where you can now track NPS and sentiment trends over time.

S3 Integration


What's new? You can now use Amazon S3 buckets as a data integration with Kapiche. If your data is hosted on Amazon S3, you can use this integration to streamline the data upload workflow directly to Kapiche by creating Projects linked to your S3 bucket.

To set it up, check out our knowledge base article.

What does it mean for you? If your company uses S3 buckets to store your customer feedback data, this integration will make creating and updating Projects quicker. In the coming weeks we'll also be releasing a feature that will let you update data and analyses in S3-integrated Projects automatically. This means any time you add a supported file into the bucket, it will automatically update everything in Kapiche.

Dashboard Timeline Improvements


What's new? You can now view your Saved Queries by NPS/Sentiment and Impact on NPS/Sentiment. In addition to this, the NPS view on the timeline will also show your overall NPS over time as a dotted blue line, allowing you to compare your queries against the overall.

The timeline has also received a couple other improvements such as a scaled Y-axis that adjusts to the highest value in your selection (for non-percentage metrics), and a few aesthetic touch-ups.

What does it mean for you? More options to view your data, and a more interpretable timeline chart. You can not only see how your NPS/sentiment changes over time, but how the NPS/sentiment of each of your themes changes, too!


Final Notes

We're striving to improve our product with every release! We hope these improvements make your life much easier using Kapiche, please let us know if you have any feedback or comments.