A new month means a new round of Kapiche product updates designed to make Kapiche easier and more powerful. This month, there is a focus on transparency of data usage and usability when you start to accrue projects, data collections, analyses, and members.

Data Usage Tracking

As you are no doubt well aware, our subscription packages are based on data unit allowances. Therefore, it’s obviously quite pivotal to be able to track the number of data units used on a Kapiche site by user and by project over time, especially in large organisations.
A graph of data usage over time.
You can view data usage per user, or per project, and over any time period you choose. The Data Usage page lives under the Admin menu in the Settings screen.

Pagination on Tables

If you are a heavy user of Kapiche you will of noticed that all of our tables had the potential to go on forever, leading to a very busy screen! This has been fixed across the product and all tables are now asynchronous meaning they won’t stop a page from loading.

Other small tweaks

Just like with every other release we have included a lot of small tweaks and fixes to improve the user experience. Some of the more noteworthy updates include users getting an email when added to a new project, the overall sentiment bar has been redesigned to be more readable, and the UI control to select segments, topics, & terms has been refined.


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