We’ve improved the dashboard screen with a new frequency excerpt and timeline widget. Additionally, we’ve added date filters to the dashboard and a plethora of bug fixes. This is a medium-sized update with some important features which provide a taste of what is to come in the new Kapiche dashboards.

Saved Queries

What has changed? We’ve replaced the old “Query frequencies” widget on the dashboard

  • We’ve removed excerpts from the query frequency widget but don’t worry; we’ve replaced it with a smorgasbord of functionality

  • The Query widget now displays your query’s sentiment, NPS, impact scores, coverage and frequencies all in one visualisation. Additionally, you can order your queries by any of the above, including a new “Sentiment impact” order, which measures the impact queries have on sentiment.

  • You can now hover any query to see all of the relevant information at a glance in the side panel of the query widget.

What does it mean for you? Understanding the sentiment, NPS and impact of your queries should be much easier.  You can quickly understand the impact your queries are having on relevant metrics and be able to rank them by what is important to you. We’ve also found this to be very useful when trying to find out which queries to further explore.

 Dashboard Timeline

What has changed? The timeline widget on the Dashboard has received a massive overhaul.

  • The legend has moved and can now be clicked to hide and unhide lines on the timeline.

  • The on hover behaviour has changed. Now, when you hover over a point, a label or an axis tick, the tooltip will display the relevant information for all of the points that coincide with the selected time.

  • The “Raw freq. | Normalised” options have now been consolidated into a “Display” dropdown. Currently it offers you the same options: Frequency and Coverage (Normalised), but more will be coming in the near future.

What does it mean for you? The user experience for the timeline should be much more streamlined. Comparing points across time should now be far easier with the overhauled mouseover and removing “noise” in the form of lines should help with those high query volume dashboards.

Dashboard Date Series

What has changed? Dashboards can now be filtered by date ranges.

What does it mean for you? It’s now easier than ever to filter your queries and understand their significance through various timepoints. You can now quickly understand what people are talking about by quarter, year, or any other time metric you choose.

Final Notes

This release lays down the foundations for a lot of dashboard updates on the horizon. The new widgets and filtering are a taste of what is to come for the Kapiche dashboard screen, which will be experiencing a significant overhauls in the near future. Watch this space!