Here at Kapiche we are constantly striving to improve our product to ensure we achieve our mission of empowering businesses, big and small, to make informed decisions. To that end, here is a summary of the updates we’ve made to our product.

Adjust settings for an analysis without consuming data units

You can now change the settings for an analysis and rerun that analysis without using any additional Data Units. One complaint we get a lot from users is the importance placed on getting stopwords right the first time. Up until now, adjusting stopwords required you to create a new analysis and use precious Data Units in doing so. This is no longer the case. You can adjust the settings for an analysis within the results screens for that analysis (a new menu item on the sidebar) and doing the rerun won’t consume any Data Units.We’ve also tweaked the UI for stopwords to make it more obvious what is happening when you edit those stopwords. Anytime you upload a custom stopwords file, those stopwords will be added to any existing stopwords. We have some exciting plans for stopwords in the future, so stay tuned!

Improved visibility of Data Unit consumption

Another common complaint we get is no visibility of how many Data Units are about to be used by an analysis. Now that you can freely tweak settings once an analysis has been created, we’ve hidden the settings on the 3rd step of creating an analysis and instead displayed how many Data Units you are about to consume. You can now create an analysis with confidence!

Better way to view term relationships

Even we were getting frustrated with the way we displayed term relationships on the View Term screen. We wanted to be able to click on the bar for a term to navigate to that term. Instead, clicking on the bar took us to the Search page. Now, clicking the bar displays its Text Excerpts on the right and you can navigate to that term by clicking on it in the header for the excerpts. Much easier to navigate around!

Heaps of other small UI improvements

We made a bunch of small UI improvements throughout the product that you will also notice as you use it. They are all aimed at making Kapiche easier and simpler to use as well as nice too look at!

What’s coming next?

We have a lot of really exciting improvements planned for the coming months including an improved data upload experience, tweaking of the topics we identify, the ability to excerpt some control of the topics we identify, usage tracking functionality for admins and a bunch of other things. Stay tuned while we continue to build the easiest to use unstructured data analytics product on the market!

Kapiche is a fast and simple unstructured data analytics product helping business make better decisions with data. Try it free today!