This update introduces a brand new data visualization for the Dashboard, and a handy new feature in the form of Concept group queries.

Compare Queries


What is it? A view that lets you compare the results of two queries at once. Access it by making a regular query and clicking “Compare Queries”. You’ll then see your original query compared with a new, empty query interface, which shows results for All Data by default. Currently, you can’t save/update queries while comparing but this feature may be added at a later time.

What does it mean for you? Instead of having to click between screens to compare separately, you can now compare two lots of results side-by-side. Try comparing Detractors with Promoters, or two different customer segments side-by-side.

Dates are now available for querying


What is it? Any DATE type data in your analysis can now be queried. You can search for specific dates, filter by ranges, or display results before/after a specific date. Date fields will now appear when using queries, and you can also click on points in the Timeline to automatically add it to your query.

What does it mean for you? By narrowing results by a specific time period, you can see snapshots of time periods of interest. For example, if you notice you received an influx of 1 star reviews in October, you can add the date range to your query to identify the issues being brought up.

Final Notes

Another big thank you to our customers for the feedback. We’ve been adding various small improvements and fixing bugs along the way to releasing these two highly-anticipated features.