Mixed Sentiment

The world of sentiment analysis can be a little confusing sometimes, but one thing is for certain, only having 3 labels for sentiment (positive, negative, and neutral) isn’t enough. What about the instances where a customer is being positive and negative in the same response?

Included as part of this release is mixed sentiment, designed to address this problem. Now when a customer response is both positive and negative, it will be marked as mixed.

New tooltips showing sentiment values.

We’ve updated all pages where Sentiment is shown as well as an expanded tooltip on the Storyboard that gives you a full sentiment breakdown.

*N.B: Mixed sentiment will only affect new data uploaded to projects, not existing data! 

Timeline Trend

Before this update, you could only view the trend of topics on a separate timeline screen. Now each Topic/Segment/Term screen has its own timeline trend component. 

The new Timeline component showing the trend for a Topic

This new feature allows you to track the trend over time of any Topic, Segment or Term alongside the existing information for each of these screens. It will only be visible when you have date information, and will update as you add new data to your Project.


Performance Increase in Sentiment Processing Speed

Assigning sentiment to data is the slowest part of the data upload process. This was a very annoying issue for our users (and us), so we’ve made it faster… much faster. Our tests show a 5-10x speed increase in data processing time.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some minor navigation issues around Qualtrics integration
  • Project errors occur on the current screen rather than at the end of the Create Project process
  • Fixed an NPS component loading error.

Final Notes

Big thanks to the input from our customers. Your feedback is what drives Kapiche forward! Don’t ever hesitate to contact us or email me directly at josh.winters@kapiche.com if you have questions, suggestions, or would like to learn more about Kapiche.