It’s been a long while since our last product update. In the meantime our team has been working diligently behind the scenes to improve the product. Today we are excited to present a radically new way to find insights in your data.

What’s changed?

Firstly, when viewing the dashboard you’ll notice that the segmentation chart looks different. Besides improvements to the appearance, it’s now possible to change the sort order.


You might also notice that Frequency has been renamed to Observed Frequency. The values will still match those that were previously shown in the chart.

Next, when drilling down to a saved query on the dashboard you’ll see that the segmentation chart has an extra value – Expected Frequency.


Expected Frequency

This value provides a reference frequency given the assumption that a segment has no relationship with the saved query in view. Specifically, if the “Business Class” segment occurs in 1 in 5 records, we expect it to occur in 1 in 5 records that mention the saved query we are viewing.

Putting Together Observed and Expected

The difference between observed and expected is the really interesting part, giving us an indication of a potential relationship between a saved query and segment. The greater the difference, the stronger indication of a relationship.

And how does it help find insights faster?

Discovering relationships between saved queries and segments is a key part of finding actionable insights, because it allows us to understand how a particular issue or theme manifests within our customer base.

The new segmentation chart allows you to rapidly gauge the strength of relation between a saved query and all of the segments in a particular field, by comparing the difference between observed and expected frequencies.

In particular, segments can be ranked according to this difference, helping you to quickly identify standout segments for a saved query.


Please see this knowledge base article for a more in-depth walk through.

Other Recent Changes

Decimals added to NPS, Sentiment & Impact

Another noteworthy mention is the recent addition of decimal places to a range of measures across the product, such as NPS and NPS Impact. The main rationale for this change is to reveal more information, which is particularly useful when looking at small subsets of your data, or attempting to precisely measure change over time.

Increased quality of chart image exports

We’ve also significantly improved the image quality when downloading images for a range of charts in the product. You can find the download button in the top right corner of most widgets. Not all widgets are supported yet, but we are working on it. Check out this video for a guide on exporting insights from the product.


That's it for this product update. If you have any thoughts or feedback that you'd like to share with us, we'd love to hear from you!