In this release we’ve completely overhauled how saved queries are displayed in the Dashboard, with the biggest change being that you can now sort and display them based on the different numeric fields in your data!

Here’s what’s new...

The default view of your Saved Queries tool now includes the absolute frequency in the middle column. We’ve also introduced blue highlighting of values to indicate which column your queries are currently sorted by.




💡Tip: Clicking on the column header will select that column for sorting, or if it is already selected, reverses the sorting order. The direction of the blue arrow indicates if the values are in increasing or decreasing order.



The Display menu for Saved Queries has also changed quite a bit!

The first thing you’ll likely notice here is that there is no longer an option to select “Impact On” - don’t worry, this is because impact is now always displayed.

Let’s take a look at our NPS score (Recommendation field) as an example.




Queries will be displayed and ranked by their NPS score as they used to, but you’ll also notice that impact is displayed in the middle column. Similar to the steps we showed above; we can click on a column header to select it for ordering. This allows us to easily reprioritize our queries based on impact.




Now that impact is selected, clicking the header again will reverse the sort order, showing queries with the highest negative impact first.




In addition (and perhaps the most exciting update!) it is now possible to view and sort your Saved Queries using the numeric fields available in your data set. This could include things like customer spend data or non-NPS customer metrics (like CSAT).

Let’s take a look at a “Satisfaction” example:



We now find our queries displayed and ranked by their average value for the “Satisfaction” numerical field. The middle column shows how much each query impacts the average value for that field for the overall data.

With this capability you can easily prioritize the key themes in your data by whichever measurements are most central to your business!

What this means for you

  • You can now view & sort your Saved Queries based on all of your numerical fields.

  • View impact and metric (frequency, NPS, average) at the same time with multiple columns.

  • Change sorting order of queries by clicking on column headers.

Other Changes

More control with explicit searching

When searching for a concept like prices we generally want the query results to include mentions of both price and prices. The default behaviour of Kapiche is to do just that, automatically matching the concepts in your query with their variants.

However, you might need to override that behaviour in a specific situation, ensuring search results match only the exact term you have entered. This is now supported by using quotation marks on the Query screen as shown:


Massively boosted segment limit on Dashboard Segmentation chart

We’ve been working on changes so that you can make the most from all of your structured data. The latest iteration of that work is raising the segment limit to 1,000 on the Dashboard Segmentation chart.

This means that you’ll now be able to select fields with up to 1,000 unique values (previously this limit was 35). We’re excited to bring you this much-requested improvement and hope it brings you even more insights!

That's it for this product update. If you have any thoughts or feedback on this update that you'd like to share with us, we'd love to hear from you! 

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