Unstructured Data Customer Experience

How to break down data silos and boost your CX program


October 18, 2019

With the proliferation of new tools and technologies, businesses are collecting, generating and storing data on more platforms than ever. Between

Voice of Customer Analyst Insights Customer Experience

What is an actionable insight?

Chances are high that your company is already doing a pretty good job of collecting data - gathering customer feedback through CSAT and NPS surveys,

October 04, 2019

Customer Experience

From the tower to the trenches: Closing the gap between C-suite and customer

Regardless of how big a corporation grows, it’s important to have the mindset that the main goal is to serve customers. Just take a company like

June 24, 2019

Customer Experience

3 reasons why a customer’s success is your success

Today, we live in a customer-centric world. The modern business can no longer compete solely on the merits of their product or service. Not only do

January 17, 2019

Customer Experience

The 3 elements that make a happy customer

As we know by now, knowing how to keep your customers happy is absolutely essential for any business that wants to succeed in today’s market. While

December 05, 2018

Customer Experience

The happiness ingredient missing from your north star metric

Recently, especially in the startup world, everyone has been talking about developing their own North Star Metric (NSM). A powerful concept designed

November 14, 2018

Customer Experience

How to discover your organization's North Star Metric

Growing a business, let alone running one, is a daunting task. It’s a complex ballet made up of a variety of moving parts, all of them competing for

October 05, 2018

Text Analytics Customer Experience

The power of open-ended responses for customer experience

Data is at the heart of every business. Whenever you make a decision about your customers, you should be basing that decision on the data that you

July 11, 2018

NPS Customer Experience

Building a business case for CX in your organization

It is intuitive that improving customer experience is good for your business. You only need look at your own purchasing habits for evidence. Why do

July 03, 2018