Customer Feedback Text Analytics Machine Learning

Why you need to analyze your customer feedback data


September 16, 2019

Very few management executives need to be convinced of the value of customer feedback. At a time when customers have a multiplicity of choices

Text Analytics Machine Learning

Using software to improve your CX team's output

Previously we discussed the importance of open-ended data in gaining a true understanding of your customers. But how do you efficiently draw

July 25, 2018

Customer Feedback Voice of Customer Machine Learning

The Kapiche Journey

Recently I was faced with a pretty familiar situation. I wanted to change my home internet plan. How hard could it be? I have battle scars from

February 01, 2018

Text Analytics Machine Learning Customer Experience

Understanding Text Analytics Methods

There’s no getting around it, text analytics is fast becoming a must-have for businesses. With so much hype, you’d be forgiven for thinking there

January 10, 2018

Text Analytics Machine Learning Unstructured Data

The Unstructured Data Revolution

Ronald Reagan summed it up nicely when he said, “Information is the oxygen of the modern age.” Whilst this may have been coined in the 80’s, it has

August 24, 2017