Customer Insights

The modern competitive landscape is increasingly customer-centric so it shouldn’t come as any great revelation most companies are concerned with


How to measure the ROI of your Customer Insights program

Companies are investing big into Customer Experience (CX) and Customer Insight (CI) programs. The Boston Consulting Group has defined this trend

August 26, 2020


The myth of NPS as a lagging indicator

Net Promoter Score is a contentious measurement for CX teams. NPS can be thought of as a rear-view mirror metric, only giving insight into past

August 17, 2020

Customer Experience

The Fallacy of an All-in-One CX Platform

Customer experience is ever-evolving. New tools come out every day that promises to make both our lives and the lives of our customers easier. New

August 10, 2020

People & Culture

How Kapiche’s Engineering Team is building the world’s best natural language processing engine

Welcome to our Meet the Team series! Below, Caleb Hattingh (Head of Engineering), Ashwini Balnaves (Software Engineer) and Dana Mison (Software

August 07, 2020

NPS Customer Insights

Why you should still focus on NPS even if your score is good

Picture this: you go to the doctor every year, and every single year the doctor tells you that there’s something wrong. Your blood pressure is too

August 03, 2020

Customer Experience

Why your business needs a Chief Customer Officer

In 2003, there were fewer than 20 people in the world with the title of Chief Customer Officer. Almost 20 years later, the Chief Customer Officer

July 13, 2020

Analyst Insights Product Update

Product update: Discover more with the unmapped verbatims page

In this release we’re making an experimental feature available that we’ve been using internally for some time. It’s something we’ve gotten a lot of

July 02, 2020

Voice of Customer Customer Insights

What does it mean to be an insights-driven business?

You likely use data to measure your customer experience. You definitely have numbers that your executive team uses to measure fiscal success and the

June 15, 2020